The corporate motto for UTEC Constructors, LLC is “You have our commitment…let us have yours”. Creating and maintaining a safe work place is demanded by our employees, expected by our customers, and required by the public. UTEC's approach is to include safety in the pre-planning stage of each project. We not only ensure that our projects can be built on-time and on-budget, but they must be built safely. All employees must have the knowledge of UTEC’s safety requirements as set forth in the company Safety Manual and commit to following all procedures. When employees are properly trained in the importance of safety and preventing accidents with the same diligence as performing their other job tasks, our objective for a safe work site is achieved. It is a core value reflected in all we do. To accomplish this mission, we have been given the resources to administer an aggressive loss control program that consists of employee training, published safety manuals, work methods, job site audits, safety inspections, good catch/near misses, safety compliance reviews and a relentless commitment to continuously improve our safety and environmental performance.

The goal of the Safety Department and the Company is zero accidents-zero injuries, along with zero environmental compliance notices of violations (NOVs). We seek to accomplish this goal by empowering every employee with the authority to stop a job if an unsafe condition or behavior exists. In addition, and in the spirit of our EH&S partnership, every employee is expected to report any unsafe conditions or environmental compliance shortcomings to their supervisor and to ask for instruction from their foreman if they are unsure how to conduct a specific task safely. As a company, we are continuously looking for ways to improve and actively encourage suggestions regarding ways to better our safety, production, quality and environmental compliance.

All employees are trained on OSHA regulatory requirements for Construction, Electrical Transmission and Distribution work, Trenching and Confined Space Training as well as Hoisting and Rigging Safety. Employees are CPR and First Aid Trained.